What's the injury we see most over the Christmas period?

Yes you've guessed it... Back pain!

Usually because we've all been in 5th gear for most of December and then we don't just wind down, we come to a crash landing, snoozing on the couch with full bellies!

Here's 3 simple tips to prevent your Christmas being visited by this bad elf:

1. Get enough sleep - with nights out and late nights getting presents wrapped, its easy to miss out on your full night's sleep. But getting less then 8 hours almost DOUBLES your risk of getting back pain. So prioritise it!

2. Stay active - yes, do rest, lounge, enjoy yourself. But throw in a few walks, hikes, cycles runs or swims to keep everything ticking over nicely. You'll feel better about yourself in January too!

3. Stay well hydrated - easy to forget about when there are so many other nice things to eat and drink, but don't forget water! We are more likely to get injured when dehydrated, plus you'll feel better the next morning!

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year!


East Coast Physio fixed a long standing problem in my back that was leading to a recurring injury. Previous physios had been unable to solve the issue and ECP have been great at giving a genuinely holistic approach. One of the partners is my sister but this a genuine testimonial. Very professional and highly recommended.

Shane Cradock
Ashford, Wicklow