Lower Back Pain


Back Pain is the most common injury that we see in our clinic daily.  We therefore,  tailor each treatment to the individual and our physiotherapy practice is manual therapy based.  We won't stick you on a machine and hope for the best. 

Our initial assessment is essential to identify the root cause of the problem, so we will ask you a range of questions about your injury.  Treating the back pain is easy, getting to the root cause of your injury to eliminate it, is the tricky bit.  So we will spend time analysing your injury and come up with a solution.  We also promise that if we do not see you improving within three weeks we will refer you on for further investigations to our network of consultants.

Alongside our manual therapy approach we will be regaining control of your core muscles. Core Stability is a very popular term these days, it really refers to how to get a strong, steady trunk for our arms and legs to work from, see our section on Core Stability.  This is where are rehabilitation work comes in to re educate your tummy and back muscles to encourage them to work again. Once pain free we can keep you pain free by getting those core muscles and you fit enough for your life.

I would like to say that you cured a persistent and painful shoulder in the 6 sessions you said it would take. 9 months or so on no reoccurrence of the problem. Best regards.

Andy Harding
Roundwood, Wicklow