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Posted 10-Aug-2017

First Things First

-          If you have any medical conditions you may want to get...

Posted 03-Aug-2017

Now’s the Time

With summer in full swing now is the time to think about getting your...

Posted 25-Nov-2016

Hey guys I’m back again continuing on from my last post on hip flexor tightness. This week I’m...

Posted 18-Oct-2016

Are you a weekend warrior, sitting working all day Monday to Friday then exercising hard at the...

Posted 16-Aug-2016

A recent analysis of more than 1 million people found that being inactive is known to increase...

Posted 28-Aug-2012

1. Start off slowly.

It can be tempting to go all out when you’re first starting, but its...

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I would like to say that you cured a persistent and painful shoulder in the 6 sessions you said it would take. 9 months or so on no reoccurrence of the problem. Best regards.

Andy Harding
Roundwood, Wicklow