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Posted 20-Jan-2017

Between skiing and new exercise regimes, we are seeing an epidemic of knee injuries this month...

Posted 25-Nov-2016

Hey guys I’m back again continuing on from my last post on hip flexor tightness. This week I’m...

Posted 04-Dec-2015

Back-care pilates is a programme designed for people who feel unable to join a regular exercise...

Posted 13-Apr-2015

Patellofemoral pain is a term used to describe pain around the knee cap, i.e at the front of the...

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Highly recommend the team at East Coast, great continuity of care whichever member of the team you meet. They carry this across into the classes they run so you feel looked after - even when they are pushing you to do that bit extra.

John Brophy
Carrig Solutions, Arklow.