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Posted 26-Sep-2017

It's the business end of training now for the Dublin City Marathon as the mileage is coming...

Posted 10-Aug-2017

First Things First

-          If you have any medical conditions you may want to get...

Posted 06-Jan-2017

Have you heard of the 10% rule? It means not increasing your weekly running mileage by more than...

Posted 06-Sep-2012

Monday Sept. 10th at 8pm in Ashford.

Unit 2, Ashford Business Complex, Ashford.


Posted 05-Mar-2012

October 31st is fast approaching! At this stage you have probably started your taper and just...

Posted 05-Mar-2012

After the race (which most people haven’t thought about!):

1.Stretch well this week- this...

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I wish to thank the physios in ECP for providing me with top notch treatment following my motorbike accident. Not having to travel to Dublin to get therapy made my rehabilitation so much easier. ECP helped me with pre and post op treatment which was so helpful. Their hours of work have also assisted me since my return to work. Thanks to ECP for all their hard work in helping me to recover.

Martin Earls
Wicklow Town