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Posted 10-Aug-2017

First Things First

-          If you have any medical conditions you may want to get...

Posted 06-Jan-2017

Have you heard of the 10% rule? It means not increasing your weekly running mileage by more than...

Posted 06-Sep-2012

Monday Sept. 10th at 8pm in Ashford.

Unit 2, Ashford Business Complex, Ashford.


Posted 05-Mar-2012

October 31st is fast approaching! At this stage you have probably started your taper and just...

Posted 05-Mar-2012

After the race (which most people haven’t thought about!):

1.Stretch well this week- this...

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I've a new lease of life since Fiona sorted me out, and the back care Pilates classes are really enjoyable and helping hugely.

Bria Speakman