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Posted 04-Oct-2017


Muscles strains can happen in any muscle of the body but are mostly found in larger...

Posted 26-Sep-2017

It's the business end of training now for the Dublin City Marathon as the mileage is coming...

Posted 10-Aug-2017

First Things First

-          If you have any medical conditions you may want to get...

Posted 06-Sep-2012

Monday Sept. 10th at 8pm in Ashford.

Unit 2, Ashford Business Complex, Ashford.


Posted 05-Mar-2012

It’s a rare moment when you can stand in your Irish strip, singing Amhran na bhFiann while the...

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Highly recommend the team at East Coast, great continuity of care whichever member of the team you meet. They carry this across into the classes they run so you feel looked after - even when they are pushing you to do that bit extra.

John Brophy
Carrig Solutions, Arklow.