6 things you can do for Plantar Fasciopathy!

What is plantar fasciopathy?

  • Pain on the bottom of your foot or arch when walking or running
  • Tissues on the bottom of your foot become swollen and sensitive to activity
  • Pain early in the morning

What’s the prognosis?

  • Plantar Fasciopathy is a self limiting condition, meaning that the length of the symptoms will depend on the individual and their daily routine
  • It should resolve in 3-6 months but can take up to 9 months if the person cannot avoid aggravating activities (such as working on their feet all day, prolonged walking)

What are the risk factors?

  • In athletic populations,changing their training routine is the main risk factor
  • Change in footwear 
  • In sedentary or non athletic populations the most common risk factor is a high BMI

6 things you can do for plantar fasciopathy;

  1. Ice the painful area (freeze a bottle of water and roll your foot over it)
  2. Taping the foot 
  3. A gel heel cup in your shoe while walking
  4. Comfortable footwear with good support
  5. Avoid walking in your bare feet or flat slippers
  6. Stretching the calf muscles and plantar fascia 

How do I get back to walking and/ or running without pain?

  • You need to gradually build up the strength of your foot and ankle. There are different exercises than can be done to help with this.
  • The 6 treatment options above are for acute or initial management of the condition (weeks 1-2). If the pain doesn’t settle using these methods, you will need further advice from one of our Chartered Physiotherapists.

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Mary-Alice Murphy

Chartered Physiotherapist