September is a busy time for students getting back into school mode. We receive many questions from concerned parents in relation to students carrying very heavy school bags.

There are several common types of school bags available these days.  The traditional rucksack remains a good option. The best advice for use of a rucksack, is to use both straps on your shoulders and pull the straps tight, so they are close to the body. The bag can then be better supported by the muscles of your back as the bag is close to the spine.

Another good option is the pull along bags with wheels. These are best for a smaller weight of books as these bags are usually light weight. These bags can easily topple over, and then this can pull the muscles in your arm or shoulder, so be cautious of overloading these bags.

The one strap satchel are best for a lighter load, as there is only one strap to hold the weight of the bag. The best use of the bag is over the body diagonally and not over one shoulder, as this increases the strain through the back and shoulder on that side.

One good tip that applies to each bag, is to actually stack the books with the largest/heaviest book at the back of the bag. Although this does not change the overall weight, the muscles of the back can better manage the load with the heaviest book nearest the spine.