Back Care Pilates

Ever do a pilates class and feel like you could be standing on your head and the instructor wouldn’t notice? And worried you might be hurting yourself? Back-care pilates classes are kept smaller, and run by a Chartered Physiotherapist for greater attention and care.


Classes are designed for people who feel unable to join a regular pilates class due to recent or previous back or neck pain, illness, pregnancy, or osteoporosis. They suit all ages and abilities, from the person who does no exercise, to the GAA player or the runner.

Classes are held in our studio which is down the road from our clinic – located opposite Mount Usher Gardens and across from Heels, and last for 55 minutes. We provide all pilates equipment.

 We are delighted to announce the return of face-to-face studio Pilates classes from 6th July 2020. 

Schedule for online and studio classes from 6th July 2020:


1pm Online Class John

 8pm Online Class Mary-Alice


 1pm Online Class John

 8pm Studio Class John – Beginner -Improver


 7pm Studio Class Mary-Alice


 11.30am Studio Class John

 1pm Online Class Mary-Alice

 8pm Online Class John


 10am Studio Class Mary-Alice

 11am Studio Class Mary-Alice Advanced

12.30pm Online Class John

If you have not been with us before, we will need your medical and injury history before the class begins and decide which level class is most appropriate for you. If you have any history of back and neck pain, we advise a physiotherapy screening session with us prior to commencing the programme (this is discounted to €50 for face to face consultation, or €40 telehealth consultation).

COVID-19 Guidance for Studio pilates classes:

  • We would ask that you bring your own equipment, mats etc, but our equipment will be available to you – We request that you wipe clean all equipment used with wipes provided.
  • If anyone has any symptoms related to coronavirus we ask that you do not attend.         
  • Classes are limited to 7 participants inline with social distancing, therefore the spaces between stations are to be maintained.
  • Masks are optional – our advice is that masks are needed if we are to be more than 15mins in close contact (within 2m) with a person. This shouldn’t be relevant but if you wish to wear a mask you can.
  • A window/door will remain open during the classes to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the class.