We are delighted to say that following a directive from our governing body, based on government advice, we will be running our studio Back Care Pilates classes for those who are fully vaccinated – please see this link to check if this applies to you:   

We will start a new  2 month term of Studio Classes on 30th August 2021, under the following conditions  

  • We will be requesting confirmation of vaccination via EU digital Covid certificate or similar
  • Classes will be limited to 6 participants which will allow for social distancing.
  • Participants will be strongly encouraged to bring and use their own equipment. You may use our equipment of course as long as it is wiped down after.  The current plan is to just use a long band, a mat and block/cushion for your head.  We can source any equipment for you. The bands are particularly difficult to wipe down, so ideally bring your own!
  • Masks are not required due to social distancing and are generally not recommended for exercise. You are welcome to wear a mask should you wish to.  The room will be well ventilated (we have installed new windows).
  • There will be an online covid health declaration form that we require prior to attending the class, completing this is mandatory prior to each class attendance.
  • All instructors are fully vaccinated. 



Monday 6.45pm John – Beginners/Slower-paced  

Monday 8pm John – Beginners/Slower-paced 

                                                                                                     7 week block from September 6th  


Tuesday 6.45pm Mary-Alice  – improvers/intermediate level   

Tuesday 8pm Mary-Alice  – improvers/intermediate level   

9 week block from August 31st  



from Wednesday, 17th @ 12pm, Noon  

Mary-Alice – beginners/improvers  

 7 Week Block  


Thursday 11am Mary-Alice – mixed abilities  

Thursday 12.30pm Mary-Alice – mixed abilities

9 week block from September 2nd



Friday 9.45am Catherine – Intermediate 

 Friday 11am Catherine – Advanced

9 week block from August 3rd

Additional classes may be added.


Tuesday 1pm John 

Thursday 8pm Catherine 

Friday 12.30pm Mary Alice 


We are offering recordings of our classes for you to access at home whenever suits you. For an introductory offer of only €20 for the month of September, you will have access to up to twelve different classes.

Call the Clinic on 0404-49781 or email reception at for further details and to subscribe.

Classes are designed for people who feel unable to join a regular Pilates class due to recent or previous back or neck pain, illness, pregnancy, or osteoporosis.

They suit all ages and abilities, from the person who does no exercise, to the GAA player or the runner.

For further information, please email or call the clinic to reserve at or 0404-49781.

If you have not been with us before we will require your injury and/or medical history before the class begins and decide which level class is most appropriate for you. If you have any history of back and neck pain, we advise a physiotherapy screening session with us prior to commencing the programme (this is discounted to €50 for face-to-face consultation, or €40 telehealth consultation).

If anyone has any symptoms related to coronavirus we ask that you do not attend.