Client Exercises
Advanced Balance Series Part 1
Advanced Balance Series Part 2
Advanced Clam
Agility Drill
Ankle Eversion
Back and Front Squat
Back Extension Kneeling
Back Extension Level 1
Back Extension Level 2
Back Flexion
Back Squat
Backward Lunge
Backward Lunge
Balance Series
Band Pull Apart
Banded Ankle Dorsiflexion
Banded Chin Tuck
Banded Shoulder Flexion
Banded wall clock
Bend Over Row
Bent Knee Fall Out
Bent Knee Fall Out and Leg Slide
Bent Over Row
Box Drills
Box Jump
Box Jump Variations
Bridge Series
Bridge Series
Bridge Walk Out
Bridge With Band
Bridge with band Elvis Presley
Bulgarian Squat
Calf Pulses
Cat and Camel
Catch and Release for Shoulder
Chair Squat
Clock Lunge
Complicated Sit Up
Deadlift with a Band
Dynamic Bear Hug
Eccentric Abs
Eccentric Elbow Exercises
Eccentric Hip Flexor
Eccentric Infraspinatus
Eccentric Loading for Achilles Tendon
Eccentric Loading of the Plantar Fascia
Eccentric Loading Supraspinatous
Eccentric Rectus Femoris Exercise
Eccentric Supraspinatus
Elvis Presley Squat
Exaggerated Heel Toe Walk
Foam Rolling
Forward Lunge
Forward Step Up
Front Plank Variations
Front Squat
Full Plank
Full Push Up
Full Shoulder Retraction
Full Side Plank
Gastroc Stretch
Glute Press
Glute Stretch
Glute Stretch (Alternative)
Golf Warm Up
Groin Stretch
Half Roll Back
Half Roll Back Variations
Hamstring Bridge
Hamstring Drop Catches
Hamstring Kicks
Hamstring Stretch
Heel Raises
Heel raises off step
Hell Raises Off Step
Hip Abduction Standing
Hip Abduction Standing 2
Hip adduction standing
Hip Extension Standing
Hip Flexor March
Hip Flexor Strengthening
Hip Flexor Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch with Arm Overhead (increased stretch)
Hip Hitch level 2
Hip Roll
Hip rotation all fours
Hip thruster
Hop variations
Inner Range Quad
Isometric Adduction
Isometric Ankle Eversion
Isometric Calf Walk
Isometric Hamstrings
Isometric Hip Flexion
Isometric Shoulder Abduction
Isometric Shoulder Rotation
Isometric Wrist Extension
Isometrics Patellar Tendon
IYW Against Wall
Kettlebell Squat
Knee Rolling
Leaning Calf Raise
Leg Adduction
Leg Raise
Leg Slides
Low Back Extension
Lumbar Rotation Stretch
Lunge with Forward Lean
Neck Stretch
Nordic Curl
One Leg Circle
Overhead Press
Overhead Shoulder Rotation
Overhead Throw
Patellar Tendon Eccentric Loading
Pauloff Press
Pec Stretch
Pelvic Drop
Pelvic Floor Training
Pelvic Tilting
Pigeon Stretch
Pitter Patter
Plank on Knees
Plank with Leg Extension
Prone Leg Extension
protraction retraction
Push Up on Knees
Push Up Swiss Ball
Quad Stretch
Quarter Squat
Quick Side Step
Resisted Hip Flexion
Reverse Nordic Curl
Roll Over Prep
Running Man
Running Man (Advanced)
Running Man (Progression)
Scapular Rotation
Seated leg extension
Seated Pelvic Tilt
Shell Stretch
Shoulder Capsule Stretch
Shoulder Flexion with Stick
Shoulder Frontal Raise
Shoulder Hitch
Shoulder Lateral Raise
Shoulder Overhead Press with Rotation
Shoulder Pulley
Shoulder Retractions
Shoulder Rotation
Shoulder Rotation for Swimmers
Shoulder Scaption
Shoulder Shrug
Shoulder Stick Exercises
Shoulder T
Side Flexion All Fours
Side Lying Shoulder Rotation
Side Plank on Knees
Side Plank Variations
Side Squat
Side Step Up
Single Arm Roll
Single Leg Bridge
Single Leg Squat
Single Leg Stance
Sleeper Stretch
Slider Squat
Slump Glider
Soleus Heel Raise
Soleus Lunge
Soleus Stretch
Soleus Wall Slide
Spanish Squat
Split Squat
Sprinter’s Power Lunge
Squat Band Walk
Squat Jumps
Staggered Bridge
Standing Deep Hip Rotation
Standing Drop Catch
Standing Hip Flexion
Standing Knee Flexion
Standing Roll Down
Standing Row
Standing Shift Correction
Standing Shoulder Retractions
Star Balance
Static Quads Sitting
Step Down
Step Up
Sternoceidomastoid Muscle Stretch
Straight Leg Raise
Superman All Fours
Supported Shoulder External Rotation
Supported Squat
Swiss Ball Roll Out
T Stretch
Table-top legs off chair
Tabletop Legs and Toe Taps
The Clam
The Extender
The Waltz
Thoracic Extension
Triceps Dip
Ulnar Nerve Glide
Walking A March
Walking Lunge
Wall Push Up
Wall Slide and Sits
X Band Walk