Lets hear from our expert John on how we can help those of you living with Plantar Fasciitis!

John Jordan is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist who has recently joined East Coast Physio.  He has a sporting and exercise background (which he needs to chase after his five dogs!!), and this week he focuses on plantar fasciitis. 

Plantar Fasciitis is a difficult to pronounce problem with the sole of the foot, usually near the heel. While we have nailed the pronunciation (“Fashy-itis”), its cause is still somewhat of a mystery!  There are certain things which we know are linked to it, such as being overweight, poor footwear, less-than-perfect foot shape, tight calf or calf problems. Even with this knowledge, it’s still difficult to explain why the pain is often only in one foot!

Thankfully we do know how to treat it and physiotherapy can provide quick relief for plantar fasciitis. One thing I hear from my patients is that they didn’t know where to go to get their foot pain treated. For foot pain that is deeper than skin deep (and not a skin or nail problem) a physiotherapist is a good bet. There are a number of physio techniques that can help with plantar fasciitis, and if you’re feeling brave dry needling can work wonders for the pain (don’t worry, the needles don’t go near the feet!).  But taping, hands on work, and of course the physio staple of advice and exercises and are all beneficial to this irritating problem.

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