Three basic tips for injury prevention:

  1. Variety is the spice of life!

Exercising the same muscles in the same way day in day out can lead to muscle breakdown and injury. Factor in a rest day, and if possible vary your exercise. For example, do swimming, cycling or an exercise class for one session instead of walking.

If you have done little or no exercise in the past few months, be careful to start your exercise routine this week gradually (try not to go from zero to hero!!).  Read Zero to Hero to find out how to ease into your new exercise.

  1. Footwear

In the clinic we advise clients everyday on correct footwear.  It is so important to have good supportive footwear when you are exercising to avoid injury. Read our Footwear section to find out what would be suitable for your foot.

  1. Recover well

For your body to get stronger and fitter, it needs a chance for recovery. Eating and sleeping well and staying well hydrated will help this.

To help your muscles to recover, doing a good cool-down is important – it is important to stretch after exercise to avoid soreness after exercise and to avoid injuries.  We have pictures of all the stretches you should be doing after your Operation Transformation exercise plan (pay particular attention to calf, hip flexor, quad, hamstring and glut stretches). These need to be held for at least 30 seconds to have an effect.

Foam rolling can be a good addition to your routine, to help you self-massage tight muscles. We stock these in the clinic.

Best of luck this week with your new programme!  If you have any injuries or problems with your Operation Transformation exercise plan call us on 0404 49781 or email

Catherine, Fiona, Robert and Ian